Antinioti Lagoon

Antinioti lagoon in north Corfu

Antinioti lagoon is lying at the east end of Almyros beach next to one of the two “boccas”, the connection paths between the lagoon and the sea. To the east end of the laggon is Agios Spyridon beach, a picturesque sandy bay. Antinioti is a natura 2000 protected area with rich flora and wildlife including the threatened Otter species of Lutra-lutra, birds, rare orchids and aquatic plants which exhibit great environmental interest.

A walking trail around the lagoon from Almyros (aprox 1hr 20mis walk) not only offers a unique experience to the lagoon itself, but gives the opportunity of walking through a little forest and visiting the old church of Agia Aikaterini and the ruins of other buildings and the old olive press.