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Corfu town, the heart of the island!

corfu town

Corfu town is located in the geographical center of the island. It has a long history and is characterized mainly by Venetian architecture, since the Venetians stayed in Corfu for more than 400 years until 1797. The Venetians brought to Corfu both the commercial know-how but the architecture as well, which characterizes almost the entire old town of Corfu . Typical architectural examples of the city of Corfu are the square in Liston, the traditional settlement of Kabielo, Porta Remounta and the two fortresses located on either side of the old town.

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Corfu old town

Since 1897 Corfu has been dominated by the French. French architecture is indicative of Liston buildings. The last conquerors of Corfu are the British. They stayed in Corfu for 50 years. An example of British architecture is the palace of Agios Michael and Agios Georgios located near the large square of the city. Corfu was the capital of the Ionian state in the 19th century. The first Greek university was founded there.

Since 2008 Corfu  town has been included in the list of UNESCO monuments due to its characteristic that although it has almost 500 years of history it remains an alive place where people live. A walk in the traditional neighborhoods of the historic city is a journey into other eras while at the same time it is a lively route reminiscent of old films of Italian neorealist cinema.

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Corfu town: A place to get lost in

Review of Corfu Old Town Reviewed 22 October 2020

I genuinely have fallen in love with Corfu Town! I have now visited Corfu twice and the highlight has always been wandering the Town. The first visit I went to all or most of the places that interested me and the second I went to the English Cemetery (got bitten death) and into some of the churches.
For me, the pleasure was finding the back streets and escaping. Far too many English cities and Towns seem not to be lived in and yet here you find yourself immersed in real life. There are some lovely small coffee shops and restaurants up these streets.

Don’t miss:

An advantage of Corfu city is that there are many places worth, or must to visit, all of them in walking distances.
Historical center: Espianada square, Liston, Old fortress, Campiello neighbourhood

Adjacent to the historical center is the area of the old port. From there you can walk through Tenedos the new fortress and then to Laiki Agora and the new part and commercial center of the city.
Old port-commercial center: Old port square, Tenedos, new fortress, Laiki agora (fruit & fish market), Patounis soap factory

Patounis soap factory. Not mentioned in main stream tourist guides, but just in the heart of the new city there is a soap factory which exists and produces olive oil soap in the same way for the last 170 years! Definitely worth to visit it!