North Corfu

North Corfu, more than just a part of the island…

North Corfu occupies at least one third of Corfu island. It is a large area where there are concentrated most of the most attractive places of the island
North Corfu is characterized of a huge diversity of landscape including amazing beaches, mountainous or semi mountainous places and traditional villages, amazing hinterland roads and paths and thousands of any kind of niches to discover.
All those are surrounded or hidden in a vast green environment, mostly consisting of olive trees (4 million of them in all over the island). This land is enclosed by the endless blue of the Ionian and Adriatic see which separates Corfu from the Albanian coast.

Even if it would be exaggeration to say that Corfu is one of the most beautiful places, it’s definitely true to say that Corfu is one of the places with a rich diversity of picturesque places with rich variety of view which fulfills all, well almost all, the demands of a traveler. A very important notice, all these attractions are concentrated in an easily accessible area offering the ability of combinations in visiting neighboring places resulting in a joyfully and relaxing experience.

north corfu

Some of the worth to, or must to, visit places in north Corfu are:
Paleokastritsa, Canal d’ amour and Logas beach, Afionas-Porto timoni, Agios Georgios beach, Pantokrator mount and the villages near by Petelia and Strinilas, the old village of Old Perithia, Askitario in Nymfes village, Avlaki beach and Erimitis area etc, etc, etc…..

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